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Summer Recruiting Frequently Asked Questions

Summer Recruiting Frequently Asked Questions

Q: On average, how many Summer Associates are in the Firm's Summer Program?

A: 4-6

Q: Are first-year law students considered for the summer program?

A: No.

Q: What are the hiring criteria?

A: We are seeking bright, well-rounded individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit and strong critical thinking and writing skills. Ultimately, we are seeking talented students who have the potential to develop into exceptional attorneys. Throughout our search we weigh the following factors: exceptional academic achievement, participation in law school activities (law review, moot court, etc.), prior work experience, strong interpersonal skills and ties to the area.

Q: How long after a candidate completes his/her callback interviews should he/she expect a hiring decision?

A: Candidates will be notified by phone and/or letter as soon as possible following his/her in-office interview.

Q: How long is the summer program?

A: Our summer program is six (6) weeks.

Q: Is the summer program first-half, second-half, or all summer long?

A: The summer program is the first-half of the summer.

Q: What is the salary for Summer Associates?

A: The summer associate salary is $3,077 per week.

Q: Does Porter Hedges LLP help Summer Associates find housing?

A: Yes.

Q: Do you have a mentoring program for summer associates?

A: Yes. Each summer associate is assigned an associate advisor and partner advisor who is available as a sounding board for projects, questions regarding firm culture, or anything else that may be of interest to the summer associate.

Q: Are Summer Associates assigned to a particular practice group?

A: Yes, but Summer Associates are encouraged to work on assignments from a variety of practice groups and efforts are made to allow that opportunity. If a Summer Associate has an area of preference, every effort will be made to provide further exposure to that particular practice area.

Q: What type of work can I expect to receive as a summer associate?

A: Our goal is to provide summer associates with real work similar to what they would receive as a first or second year associate. We also provide the summers a chance to get involved with out-of-office experiences including: board meetings, depositions, arbitrations, client meetings, and judicial proceedings.

Q: What resources are available to summer associates?

A: All firm resources are available to summer associates. Each summer associate is given her/his own office, a computer, and a secretary to assist in day-to-day tasks. Also available is an information technology staff and an extensive library with two full-time employees.

Q: How does the offer system work with summer associates?

A: We are prepared to make offers to all second-year summer associates.

Q: Does your law firm have a written anti-discrimination policy?

A: Yes. We are an equal opportunity employer dedicated to a policy of non-discrimination in employment on any basis prohibited by law, including race, creed, color, age, sex, national origin or disability.

Q: What is your firm's dress policy?

A: The firm has adopted a "business casual" attire policy. While you are not required to wear a suit, we strongly recommend having one on hand in those instances such as client meetings, or going to court, when professional attire is required.

Q: Where do I send my resume?

A: Resumes should be sent to:

Melanie Lilienstern
Attorney Recruitment Coordinator
1000 Main Street, 36th Floor
Houston, TX 77002
Fax: 713-226-6384