As an associate at Porter Hedges, you have a chance to become a fine lawyer early in your career. You will get more experience in a shorter period of time than you would at larger law firms. This means your work will be more interesting (translation: as a young lawyer you will attend more hearings, take more depositions and close more deals).  We believe that these hands-on experiences are the ultimate lawyer training program.

When you come to work at Porter Hedges, expect to sit across the negotiating table or the courtroom from your peers at the country's largest law firms. One big difference: you may find yourself as one of the lead lawyers on the deal or case.

We are large enough to sustain the infrastructure and support necessary for your practice. You will have top-notch legal assistants and secretarial staff to aid you in your work, along with the necessary IT and marketing staff to help your practice thrive.

Lawyer Openings