Environmental Alert: "Deadline to Renew Authorization for TCEQ Stormwater Construction General Permit is June 3, 2013"

Effective March 5, 2013, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) reissued Texas Pollutant Discharge Elimination System general permit No. TXR150000, the prior version of which recently expired. The permit authorizes the discharge of stormwater associated with small (between 1 and 5 acres) and large (greater than 5 acres) construction activities, as well as certain non-stormwater discharges. Stormwater permitting is generally not required for construction activities that disturb less than one acre and are not part of a larger common plan of development or sale.

Operators of large construction activities who were authorized under the prior stormwater construction general permit and whose construction project will not be completed by June 3, 2013 must resubmit a Notice of Intent to TCEQ by that date. Operators who had obtained a waiver from coverage under the prior permit must also resubmit the waiver form. These forms were revised as of March 5, 2013 and are available here. The Notice of Intent may be submitted electronically via STEERS, but waivers may not. Operators of small construction activities who were not required to submit a Notice of Intent or waiver form to TCEQ under the prior permit need not do so now.

It is important operators required to submit a Notice of Intent or waiver form do so by June 3, 2013; if authorization under the stormwater construction general permit is not secured by that date, coverage under the project's permit will lapse.

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