Business Litigation Alert: "It's 8 AM, Do You Know Where Your Employees Are?"

Internal “Check Points” Can Help Avoid External Investigations

The recent News Corp scandal that has dominated headlines over the past few weeks brings to light an issue facing top leadership at every organization today:

The actions of a few employees can result in a company-wide investigation, and result in senior executives ultimately being forced to defend or explain what happened.

  • Businesses must rely on their management team to ensure that policies and procedures are followed, and that employees are operating in accordance with these internal regulations, as well as the law.
  • However, with many companies stretched across city, state, or even international lines, it is more difficult for leadership to stay apprised of what is going on throughout their entire organizational structure.
  • Internal policies or regulations for employees are only effective if they are properly outlined and enforced on a continual basis.
  • Without established “check points” inside an organization (no matter the size) to ensure compliance, potentially devastating mistakes can be missed, fall through the cracks, or be brushed off as insignificant.

While no business owner or high-level executive could possibly know what every employee is doing at any given moment, regular “check points” throughout all facets of the business can help to provide a better understanding, and can alert leadership to problems before they escalate into public relations nightmares.

Jeff Elkin is a partner in the litigation section of Porter Hedges LLP.
He can be reached at 713.226.6617 or

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