Anti-Corruption Enforcement: 2023 Year-In-Review

As we look back on the anti-corruption enforcement trends we saw in 2023, there were several key developments.

As we discussed in our February 2023 blog post, Assistant Attorney General Kenneth Polite began the year in January of 2023 promising that there would be more enforcement actions and convictions in 2023. He called on companies to work with law enforcement in its fight against crime and to invest in the compliance function. In November of 2023, Assistant Attorney General Nicole M. Argentieri echoed his sentiments and highlighted the importance and benefits of cooperation with the government. She emphasized the DOJ’s intent to continue to work collaboratively with both domestic and foreign partners in prosecuting corruption. In 2024, we expect to see a continued focus by the government on updating and implementing new policies and on working with other agencies to identify and prosecute corruption. We will continue to monitor emerging anti-corruption trends throughout 2024.

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