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    Amanda Garza’s practice focuses on all types of construction and commercial litigation as well as lien, bond and other construction related claims.

    Amanda attended the University of Texas at Austin, where she double majored in ...

A Cautionary Tale for Contractors: Releases in Contract Modifications and Preservation of Claims

The Houston First Court of Appeals of Texas recently affirmed a trial court’s decision wiping out a whopping $17 million claim brought by a contractor against an owner for acceleration costs, holding that the claim was barred by release language contained in a signed contract modification of the type routinely ...

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Perfecting Bond Claims on Public Projects in Texas

Unlike with private commercial projects, liens cannot be filed against public projects in Texas. This means that unpaid subcontractors and suppliers do not have the same protections on public projects as those on private projects. On a private project, a subcontractor or supplier would ordinarily file a lien ...

Call-Back Periods in Call-Back Warranties – the Confusion Surrounding Their Effect on Other Warranties in Construction Contracts

Commercial construction contracts between owners and contractors, such as the form AIA Document A201 contract, often include various express warranties whereby the contractor warrants its work on the project to the owner. Among those express warranties are the more common warranties that: (i) the materials and ...


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