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    Emily Pendleton focuses her practice on construction and commercial litigation. She has experience in defending, analyzing and preparing lien, bond, and other construction related claims. In addition, she has assisted in the ...

Statutory v. Contractual Retainage on Texas Private Projects and the Contractual Retainage Notice

Statutory Retainage

Texas law obligates construction owners to withhold 10% of the value of the work during the course of a project and for 30 days after final completion. This is generally known as statutory retainage. Owners should memorialize their statutory retainage obligation in their construction ...

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Different Types of Construction Work: Chapter 56 vs. Chapter 53 and Why It Matters

If you are involved in the construction industry, you have probably heard of or dealt with mechanic’s liens. The majority of work performed on private Texas construction projects will fall under Chapter 53 of the Texas Property Code, to which mechanic’s liens apply. However, certain projects involve work ...

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Back to the Basics: Lien Notice Deadlines for First and Second-Tier Subcontractors

Texas Property Code Section 53.056(a)-(c) details the notice requirement deadlines that subcontractors must comply with to perfect a statutory lien on a private, commercial project in Texas. Simply put, the statute sets forth separate notice deadlines dependent on whether the claimant is a second-tier (and ...

Is Your Expert Qualified? – Certificate of Merit Requirements

Filing a certificate of merit (“COM”) can quickly become a sticky situation for any plaintiff pursuing a claim against a design professional. Plaintiffs who comply with the COM requirements can still have their claims dismissed for various reasons. This post focuses on the necessary qualifications of the ...


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