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A Matter of Trust – Avoiding the Pitfalls of the Texas Construction Trust Fund Act

Subcontractors have long celebrated—and general contractors long feared—the Texas Construction Trust Fund Act, codified in Chapter 162 of the Texas Property Code.  The Act, which is (ideally) construed broadly to primarily protect subcontractors, provides that payments “made to a contractor or ...

Hurricane Season and Disaster Preparedness: Part 2 – Insuring the Risk of a Hurricane on a Construction Project

As described by my colleague Sean McChristian in Part 1 of this two-part blog series, planning for hurricane season in Texas is a critical part of mitigating risk in the construction industry. In addition to reviewing force majeure provisions, owners and contractors need to have an understanding of the ...

Hurricane Season and Disaster Preparedness: Part 1 – Review Your Construction Contracts Now, Not After the Storm

The Gulf Coast hurricane season runs from June 1st to November 30th each year. Because this is a known risk, many businesses prepare emergency response plans to mitigate risks to persons and property, but many of those same businesses are not prepared to mitigate economic risks arising from ongoing construction ...

It’s a Flow-Down, Not a Flow-Up

Subcontracts between a general contractor and subcontractor often contain a flow-down provision stating that the terms and conditions in the owner/contractor agreement (the “Prime Contract”) are also binding on the subcontractor—making the subcontractor obligated to provisions in the Prime ...


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