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Ready to Settle with the General Contractor or its Bankruptcy Trustee, Subcontractors Should Proceed with Caution

The subcontractor did everything right:  it did the work, but did not get paid, and thereafter properly perfected a lien.  Now, the subcontractor has an opportunity to settle with the general contractor or even its subsequent bankruptcy trustee.  The subcontractor needs to proceed with caution to avoid losing its ...


While this coronavirus event grips the nation, contractors and subcontractors are asking whether this qualifies as a force majeure or changed condition event.  We think it qualifies as both. 

When you bid and signed your contracts, if the force majeure clause was given any thought, it likely was about the impact of a ...

Perfecting Bond Claims on Public Projects in Texas

Unlike with private commercial projects, liens cannot be filed against public projects in Texas. This means that unpaid subcontractors and suppliers do not have the same protections on public projects as those on private projects. On a private project, a subcontractor or supplier would ordinarily file a lien ...

Part 1: Subcontractor Negotiating Tips for AIA Documents

What should a Subcontractor do when a General Contractor presents, to the Subcontractor, the 401A-2017 Standard Form of Agreement Between Contractor and Subcontractor (“A401”)?  While some provisions in the A401 are favorable to the Subcontractor, others are not.  This multi-part series explores some of the ...

Back to the Basics: Lien Notice Deadlines for First and Second-Tier Subcontractors

Texas Property Code Section 53.056(a)-(c) details the notice requirement deadlines that subcontractors must comply with to perfect a statutory lien on a private, commercial project in Texas. Simply put, the statute sets forth separate notice deadlines dependent on whether the claimant is a second-tier (and ...

It’s a Flow-Down, Not a Flow-Up

Subcontracts between a general contractor and subcontractor often contain a flow-down provision stating that the terms and conditions in the owner/contractor agreement (the “Prime Contract”) are also binding on the subcontractor—making the subcontractor obligated to provisions in the Prime ...


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