"Avoiding Legal Pitfalls in Protecting Your Organization from Privacy and Confidentiality Claims," First Thursday Employment CLE Series

Speaking Engagement

Every entity, organization, and employer collects a myriad of information on employees and customers that is protected by state and federal laws.  This is especially true with the rapid advancement of technology that introduces artificial intelligence to our daily operations. The challenge of conducting business while safeguarding privacy and confidentiality highlights the key responsibility corporate and in-house attorneys have in overseeing the policies and practices regarding sensitive personal information, whether it is financial, health-related, or personal.

The presentation covered:

  • Federal and state laws on privacy and confidentiality.
  • Legal challenges for private and public employers.
  • The Corporate Transparency Act of 2024.
  • Artificial intelligence and its impact on privacy and confidentiality.
  • How to protect and respond to breaches of private and confidential information.


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