A lawsuit may be the biggest threat you face or the best way to defend your vital interests. Whatever the reason, achieving the most advantageous result is our prime consideration. Whether it's through litigation, mediation, arbitration, or other means of alternative dispute resolution, we pursue the legal solutions that meet your business objectives. Porter Hedges litigators possess not only a wealth of experience—in and out of the courtroom—but also the ability, flexibility and commitment to protect our client’s vital interests and be cost-efficient at the same time.

Our trial lawyers have both the experience and resources to meet the complex litigation needs of large national and multi-national corporations, as well as those of small to mid-sized companies and individuals, from pre-litigation negotiation through appeal. Because we recognize that litigation may be a major cost challenge for our clients, we constantly monitor and assess the costs and benefits of litigation, and the prospects of settlement.

Porter Hedges represents public corporations, closely held businesses, financial institutions, energy industry clients, and many others in complex federal and state commercial litigation throughout the U.S. Our clients are leaders in numerous industries, including energy, chemicals, financial services, manufacturing, and technology.

While some defendants may consider settling as a prudent course of action, this may not always be the right decision. If careful and aggressive pretrial preparation cannot resolve the dispute, we are formidable advocates in court. Our trial lawyers use the most sophisticated trial management and presentation techniques available.

Our lawyers are experienced at preparing for any and all situations, at every step of the proceedings, even those that may arise on the eve of trial.

Clients want a formidable legal team for a strong defense, not simply an army of lawyers. Porter Hedges’ litigation teams are lean by design. In jurisdictions across the U.S. we have a reputation for vigorously advocating for our clients’ positions—a reputation that rivals some of the largest law firms in the country.




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