Navigating the Challenges of Election Year Politics in the Workplace: Getting Even in an Election Year - First Thursday Employment CLE Series

Speaking Engagement

A Presidential election year offers some unique challenges for employers in the workplace as it relates to speech and expression. Corporate counsel and in-house attorneys often have the responsibility of regulating individual expression of political ideas and vocal support for candidates while preventing such from creating a negative and turbulent workplace environment. This program will cover what you need to know about your rights and responsibilities as an employer now that the 2024 election season is officially upon us, including:

  • The policies that address political speech in the workplace and staying within the lanes that the NLRB has prescribed for such policies
  • Social media policies that address employee speech outside the workplace
  • Employer’s responsibilities for providing opportunities and time off for employees to vote in light of more readily available early voting and mail-in voting options
  • Planning for workplace issues the weeks and months post-election using the 2020 election reactions as a guide
  • Ideas for planning in 2025 and beyond with the effects of the election outcomes on the leadership and goals of the federal agencies (NLRB, EEOC, DOL and DOJ)


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