Porter Hedges and Sorey & Hoover Successfully Represent Fitness Equipment Providers BalanceFrom and Hulkfit in Trade Secret Theft and Trade Dress Infringement Litigation

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Porter Hedges and Sorey & Hoover successfully represented BalanceFrom, LLC (“BalanceFrom”) and Hulkfit Products, Inc. (“Hulkfit”) (collectively “the Defendants”) in litigation related to alleged theft of trade secrets and trade dress infringement by CAP Barbell, Inc. (“CAP Barbell”) in federal court in Houston. The parties all sell fitness products, including strength and weight training goods, which were the subject of the litigation. 

CAP Barbell claimed that the Defendants were liable for millions of dollars in damages measured by their profit from the sale of dozens of standard fitness and strength training products, as well as for exemplary damages and reimbursement of CAP Barbell’s attorneys’ fees. BalanceFrom and Hulkfit maintained from inception that CAP Barbell’s claims were factually and legally meritless. “There was zero evidence of any trade secret misappropriation by the Defendants and the product designs CAP Barbell tried to claim trade dress rights for are all generic and unprotectable,” said lead attorney Sarah Ring of Porter Hedges. Earlier in the lawsuit Porter Hedges and Sorey & Hoover had already secured dismissal of all claims for two other defendants - Avinash Nagavalli, Hulkfit’s CEO, and Qiduo E-Commerce (Zhejiang) Co. Ltd. After more than a year and a half of litigation, CAP Barbell abandoned the lawsuit completely on April 29, 2024, filing a motion to dismiss all claims against BalanceFrom and Hulkfit with prejudice. 

“Hulkfit is committed to selling high quality exercise and fitness products, and we are thrilled to focus on our core business with this litigation behind us,” said Hulkfit CEO Avinash Nagavalli. “Because these Defendants did nothing wrong, no settlement fee was paid by BalanceFrom or Hulkfit in exchange for dismissal of this meritless lawsuit, and neither of the companies agreed to exit the market of the accused fitness products,” noted co-counsel Karl Rupp of Sorey & Hoover. “BalanceFrom is proud to have stood its ground and looks forward to continuing to deliver top-notch fitness products to our customers,” said Doug Liu, BalanceFrom’s Manager.

Karl Rupp of Sorey & Hoover in Waco served as co-counsel. The case was styled CAP Barbell, Inc. v. Hulkfit Products, Inc., et. al., Southern District of Texas (Houston Division) Cause No. 4:22-cv-02371.


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