Porter Hedges Partners with The Beacon to Assist Homeless

Firm News

Porter Hedges is proud to announce the successful conclusion of a series of expunctions on behalf of The Beacon, a Houston non-profit organization that champions equal justice for low-income persons suffering from homelessness.  Earlier this year, our summer associates began working on the expunctions during their clerkship.  After the summer session ended, Porter Hedges attorneys and staff brought the cases to conclusion. 

Expunction of criminal records is an important part of Beacon Law’s work.  Innocent until proven guilty is a basic but essential tenet of the American justice system.  Unfortunately this does not always ring true for some.  Criminal records exist for many people who have never been convicted of any crime, and erroneous or misleading criminal records can negatively affect a person’s access to employment, housing, and college admission.  Clearing a person’s records can mean a world of difference to that person.

The Beacon’s unique legal program offers a much-needed resource for individuals who otherwise do not have access to legal services. The program covers many fronts, and expunging arrest records are just one way The Beacon enhances the housing, education and employment opportunities for Houston’s homeless. Porter Hedges is grateful to be able to help in this very important work. 

The Porter Hedges team that completed the work started by our summer associates included Heather Hatfield, Jacqueline Moy, Nick Sorensen, Shelby Shanks, Rebecca Haeberle, and Cheri Deason.