Porter Hedges represents clients in international commercial arbitrations and other dispute resolution proceedings throughout the world, including Paris, London, the Hague, Dubai, Bogotá, New York, Washington, DC, and Houston, among other venues.  Our significant experience includes practicing under leading institutions like the International Center for Dispute Resolution (ICDR), the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), and the London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA).  Our arbitration lawyers draw upon the resources of our full-service firm to consistently deliver favorable results for our clients, who operate in an expansive range of industries, with particular experience in the energy (including oil & gas, oilfield services, and power), construction, manufacturing, and technology sectors. 

In the last few years, our clients have prevailed against parties represented by some of the largest law firms in the United States.  In those cases we also have successfully: (i) defeated claims via summary disposition—a rare feat in arbitration; (ii) when representing the Respondent, assessed arbitration fees and costs against the Claimant; (iii) overcome challenges to party-appointed arbitrators; (iv) defeated requests for expedited interim relief and emergency relief; and (v) defeated and prosecuted requests that a party post security to support a final award.   

Industry Expertise

Our experience involves arbitrating more than 25 international energy disputes, international construction and engineering disputes, international disputes involving intellectual property, trade secrets, and the protection of other competitively-sensitive information, disputes arising from government contracts and government subcontracts, and a host of other commercial and industrial matters. 

Experience as Neutrals

In addition to the foregoing, our attorneys regularly serve as neutrals in single-arbitrator disputes and are frequently nominated as party-appointed neutrals or appointed as the Chair arbitrator in three-member Tribunals.


  • Representation of a major international oil company in an ICC arbitration involving a dispute over a joint operating and related agreements.  After a hearing in Paris, the tribunal ordered the opposing party to forfeit and assign its participating interest in the agreement and pay to our client all outstanding cash calls and other damages—an award valued at approximately $740 million.
  • Representation of a major international engineering and construction firm in a $53 million ICC arbitration involving an offshore production platform.  We obtained a 90 cents-on-the-dollar settlement for our client for less than $35,000 in legal fees.
  • Representation of an ultra-deep water drilling rig management company in an ICC arbitration against a Brazilian company.  After a week-long hearing in New York (with some witnesses testifying from Singapore), we completely defeated a US $19 million claim for liquidated damages and recovered arbitration costs and fees for our client.
  • Representation of a designer and manufacturer of modular cooling and energy systems in an ICC arbitration against a South Korean electronics company. Our client asserted claims for breach of a non-disclosure agreement and misappropriation of trade secrets arising from technical design and development of a major power plant project in the Middle East. Our client obtained a settlement favorable to its interests.
  • Representation of major international engineering and construction in a $46.4 million ICC arbitration.  After a hearing in Bogotá, our client paid $0 in damages and recovered its attorneys’ fees, expert witness fees, and costs.
  • Representation of a Thai company that manufactures and sells silicone products in an ICC arbitration involving disputes arising out of a long-term purchase and sale agreement (result pending).
  • Representation of a U.S. government contractor in an ICDR arbitration against its subcontractor.  Before the hearing, the Tribunal dismissed most of the subcontractor’s claims, leading to a settlement of 1% of the amount in controversy.  In another similar case against a different subcontractor, we obtained complete dismissal of the subcontractor’s claims and an award of fees and costs in our client’s favor.
  • Representation of one of the world’s largest oil companies in an ICDR arbitration in a pipeline rate dispute against another major international integrated energy company.  We obtained a multimillion dollar award for our client.
  • Representation of a U.S. government general contractor in an ICDR arbitration involving a Kuwaiti subcontractor’s claims for trucks and fuel tankers allegedly destroyed in the Iraq war.  After a hearing in the Hague, we secured favorable rulings on our client’s behalf.
  • Representation of a global engineering contractor firm in numerous other ICDR arbitrations and hearings as the Respondent in disputes arising from government subcontracts with Kuwaiti and Saudi Arabian entities to provide equipment and services to support military troops in Iraq.  Following evidentiary hearings in Washington D.C. and Houston, we obtained multiple awards in our client’s favor and, in some instances, were also awarded arbitration fees and costs.
  • Representation of a U.S. government general contractor in an LCIA arbitration involving claims by a subcontractor for lost equipment and termination-for-convenience damages resulting from activities at U.S. military installations in Iraq.  After a one week hearing in London, we secured an award within US $5,000 of our client’s settlement offer.




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