Our intellectual property attorneys help clients manage their intellectual property portfolios, develop monetization strategies, provide opinions on validity, infringement, and registrability, draft intellectual property agreements, and provide support for transactions involving intellectual property.

Whether and where to seek registration for a client’s inventions, trademarks, and copyrights requires a detailed analysis of the particular intellectual property at issue, the potential markets, and the client’s overall business strategy.  We work with our clients to help achieve a cost-effective and appropriate footprint to protect our clients’ intellectual property that achieves the client’s business strategy.

In addition to seeking registrations, from time to time a client may need an opinion of counsel to assess, for example, the validity of a patent or the likelihood there is infringement of a patent, trademark, or copyright.  Such opinions are typically sought as evidence to counter an allegation of willful infringement in intellectual property litigation.  Our attorneys’ and patent agents’ experience prosecuting and litigating intellectual property allow us to efficiently understand, evaluate, and provide these types of opinions, which can be crucial pieces of evidence in intellectual property litigation.

Our intellectual property attorneys also have extensive experience drafting intellectual property agreements, such as confidential agreements, licensing agreements, technology transfer agreements, joint venture agreements, and research and development agreements.  Our intellectual property attorneys also assist our corporate practice group in deals of all types and sizes, such as asset purchase agreements, mergers, and acquisitions.  To ensure the proper treatment of intellectual property in such deals, we assist drafting the IP representations and warranties, review the IP chain of title, and perform additional IP due diligence.