Our attorneys, patent agents, and technical advisors have decades of experience helping clients prepare and prosecute patent and trademark applications in the United States and abroad.  Our experience allows us to efficiently and cost-effectively provide such services from the initial invention disclosure or brand selection, through application drafting and filing, and any post-filing communications with the USPTO to establish the registrability of our clients’ inventions and trademarks.  We also have experience in appealing adverse registrability decisions to the Patent Trial and Appeal Board and the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board.

On the patent side, our attorneys and patent agents have prosecuted patents in diverse technology areas, such as the mechanical, chemical, biological, electrical, computer science, materials science, and business method arts.  We have worked with firms in 51 countries around the world to provide a comprehensive patent portfolio that comports with our clients’ global strategies.  We also have experience prosecuting patents under the European Union (covering 37 countries) and Gulf Cooperation Counsel (covering 6 Middle Eastern countries) regional patent authorities.

On the trademark side, our attorneys have prosecuted trademark, service mark, trade dress, product design, and product packaging mark across numerous industries, including oil and gas, consumer products, food services, entertainment, construction, banking and finance, gaming, and real estate.  We have worked with firms in 40 countries around the world to create global brands.  As an option for a global brand strategy, we have filed numerous applications using the Madrid Protocol, which can provide significant costs saving and other advantages depending on the number of countries in which protection is sought.


  • Represent clients in patent preparation and prosecution matters in the chemical and mechanical arts, including:  technology related to energy and alternative energy, such as GTL, CTL, and catalytic technology; petrochemical processes, including both upstream and refinery processes; high-temperature reaction engineering, including combustion, gasification, and slag-melt processes; multiphase flow and gas-solid reactions; biomass to fuel conversion; biochemical processes and medical devices; specialty chemical processes across a wide range of industries, including polymer production and processing; and downhole tools and processes.
  • Represent global oilfield service company in managing its worldwide trademark portfolio.



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