In many situations, a business's most valuable asset is a proprietary formula, manufacturing method, business practice, customer list, or other confidential information. Often the best way to protect these assets is by preserving them as a “trade secret.” Our lawyers are experienced in assisting clients to develop and institute plans to protect their trade secrets.

This work includes drafting licensing agreements, confidentiality agreements with both employees and suppliers, and other methods geared towards protecting proprietary information. In the arena of mergers, acquisitions, or other business combinations, we help our clients evaluate and effectuate the transfer of trade secret assets while preserving their value.

We are often called into court to represent clients in connection with injunction proceedings relating to trade secrets. We have successfully obtained temporary restraining orders and injunctions prohibiting the use and disclosure of trade secrets involving computer design, software code, customer lists, and building design. We have also represented defendants accused of misappropriation of trade secrets, and have successfully defeated attempts to enjoin our clients from doing business using non-protected information and technology.

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