Patent litigation is one of the most procedurally and technically complex types of commercial litigation, commonly involving a multitude of parallel actions before courts, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, the U.S. Patent Trial and Appeal Board, and foreign venues. Often, the potential for significant damages awards or injunctive relief further increases the stakes of patent litigation.

At Porter Hedges, our experienced group of patent litigators understand the challenges presented and assist our clients with navigating the complexities they face. Whether representing patent owners or defending against claims of infringement, we bring a deep working knowledge of the law, patent litigation trends, and innovative strategies to address our clients’ concerns and needs. 

Our patent litigators have developed creative solutions to confront litigation obstacles, to not only manage, but to streamline discovery where possible, and to maximize resources. During all phases of patent litigation, our trial team concentrates on delivering the best possible resolution for each unique case and providing both comprehensive and responsive support to our clients.

We litigate patents in all technology areas, including oilfield equipment and systems, electronic manufacturing devices, wireless communication devices, chemical catalysts, genetically modified crop plants, software, and material science. The breadth of our past work in varying technical fields facilitates a quick and efficient understanding of new technology areas and industries.

While pre-trial business resolutions occur, our trial teams approach patent litigation with an extraordinary focus on preparing your case for trial. From the initial case contact, we thoroughly examine a case from a trial perspective and begin to develop trial themes to best present the technology and issues to judges and juries. Our patent trial teams are able to draw from Porter Hedge’s renowned bench of experienced commercial litigators, who help us test and refine the trial presentation. Our experience has shown that the best chance of a favorable settlement is to be well-prepared and well-positioned for trial.



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